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Family and community rank in United States

Family and community rank

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Definition and Source



Family and Community Rank for 2022 for each state using a consistent set of family and community indicators; namely those used to derive the rank reported in the 2022 KIDS COUNT Data Books.

The Family and Community Rank for each state was obtained in the following manner. First, using the 2022 KIDS COUNT Data Book to demonstrate, we converted the 2020 state numerical values for each of the 4 key indicators within each domain into standard scores. We summed those standard scores in each domain to get a total standard score for each state. Finally, we ranked the states on the basis of their total standard score by domain in sequential order from highest/best (1) to lowest/worst (50). Standard scores were derived by subtracting the mean score from the observed score and dividing the amount by the standard deviation for that distribution of scores. All measures were given the same weight in calculating the domain standard score.

Data Source

Population Reference Bureau, analysis of data gathered for the 2022 KIDS COUNT Data Books.


Updated August 2022.

Last Updated

August 2022