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Community resilience in Wyoming

Community resilience

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The United States Census Bureau states, “Community resilience is the capacity of individuals and households within a community to absorb the external stresses of a disaster. The 2019 Community Resilience Estimates (CRE) are produced using information on individuals and households from the 2019 American Community Survey (ACS) and the Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Program (PEP). Local planners, policy makers, public health officials, and community stakeholders can use the estimates as one tool to help assess the potential resiliency of communities and plan mitigation and recovery strategies. The CRE uses small area modeling techniques. These techniques are flexible and can easily be modified for a broad range of uses (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, economic recovery etc.).” (

Estimates of community resilience are based on 10 risk factors defined by the ACS:
    1. Income-to-Poverty Ratio < 130 percent
    2. Single or zero caregiver household - only one or no individuals living in the household who are 18-64
    3. Unit-level crowding defined as > 0.75 persons per room
    4. Communication barrier defined as either Limited English-speaking households or no one in the household over the age of 16 with a high school diploma
    5. No one in the household is employed full-time, year-round. The flag is not applied if all residents of the household are aged 65 years or older
    6. Disability posing constraint to significant life activity. Persons who report having any one of the six disability types: hearing difficulty, vision difficulty, cognitive difficulty, ambulatory difficulty, self-care difficulty, and independent living difficulty.
    7. No health insurance coverage
    8. Being aged 65 years or older
    9. Households without a vehicle
    10. Households without broadband Internet access

Data Source

United States Census Bureau, Community Resilience Estimates


The United State Census Bureau did not report community resilience estimates for 2020. It is well documented that the COVID-19 pandemic affected the way that the Census Bureau and other Government programs collected population data in 2020 ( As of March 2024, there is no published documentation on why the 2020 Community Resilience Estimates were not published.

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