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Children in foster care by race in Louisiana

Children in foster care by race

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Definition and Source



Number - children and youth in the foster care system.
Rate - the number of children in foster care per 1,000 children under age 18 in the population.

Data Source

Agenda for Children's analysis of data provided by the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, by special request and Puzzanchera, C., Sladky, A. and Kang, W. (2020). "Easy Access to Juvenile Populations: 1990-2019."


Note that data are reported by race, but not Hispanic origin. Hispanic origin was unknown for a significant portion of children in foster care in Louisiana. In 2017, Hispanic origin was unknown for about 8% of the children in foster care, while 2% were Hispanic and 90% were non-Hispanic. 
Some children reported as being black or white may also identify as Hispanic. 

Data are reported according to the location of court of entry into foster care. Note that the parish location data was missing for a small number of children each year, and a very small (<5) number of children in foster care have cases that originated in other states. As a result, the statewide total is larger than the sum of data from all parishes.

Data is unduplicated, so if a child entered and exited foster care multiple times over the course of the year, he/she would only be counted once.

N.A. - rates are not reported for the "other" category.

LNE - "low number event" reflects a number or rate based on at least one but fewer than five events.

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