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Children under age 18 in foster care in North Carolina

Children under age 18 in foster care

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Definition and Source



The number of children under age 18 placed in foster care during the state fiscal year (July – June).

Data Source

Duncan, D.F., Flair, K.A., Stewart, C.J., Guest, S., Rose, R.A., and Malley, K.M.D.(2020). Management Assistance for Child Welfare, Work First, and Food & Nutrition Services in North Carolina (v3.2). Special Data Request received March 2023.

Rolling quarters are used to specify a year. Foster care refers to children placed under legal custody of the North Carolina Department of Social Services who are placed with relatives, in emergency shelters, group homes, residential facilities or other approved placements.


Note: Numbers from recent years may be revised as needed when new data are received.

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May 2023