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2010-2021 series in Michigan

2010-2021 series

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Why This Indicator Matters

Infants who die before their first birthday is a child outcome, but also an indicator of population health. There are several main causes of infant deaths, some of which are genetic and others are environmental factors.
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Definition and Source



Infant Deaths include deaths of infants up to one year of age, by race and ethnicity. The number is the 3-year average ending in the year listed. The rate is the number per 1,000 average live births during that period. An "S" for the rate indicates fewer than an average of two deaths in the three-year period. Rates are suppressed for small counts for reliability.  Deaths for Arab ancestry are for all races.

Data Source

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics.


These data are based on three-year averages, with the latest year listed. Births by county are based on the mother’s county of residence.

Last Updated

July 2024