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Regulated child care capacity by STAR level in Montana

Regulated child care capacity by STAR level

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Definition and Source



The total number of slots provided by active child care facilities regulated by the state.

Types of licensed facilities included in the total: Child Care Center, Group Child Care, Family Friend Neighbor, Relative Care Exempt, Legally Certified Care (In Home), and Legally Certified Care. 
Note: Legally Certified Care (In Home) and Legally Certified Care types ended in 9/30/19. Relative Care Exempt and Family Friend Neighbor types began 10/1/19.

The Best Beginnings STARS to Quality Program is a voluntary quality rating and improvement system that aligns quality indicators with support and incentives for early childhood programs and early childhood professionals. Not all facilities participate in STARS to Quality and are listed as a "Non STAR." Facilities that have started the process but not yet received a STAR Level 1 Rating are listed as "Non STAR, Started Process." The remaining STAR Levels range from 1 to 5. 

Data Source

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Early Childhood and Family Support Division


DATE - State Fiscal Year (July-June)
NOTES - If a facility had more than one license or STAR level during the year, the most recent record is reported in the data. Head Start facilities licensed by the state are included in these data.

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November 2023