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Confirmed Victims 0-17, by Race (New) in Michigan

Confirmed Victims 0-17, by Race (New)

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Definition and Source



The number is a count of confirmed victims ages 0-17, by race. Children may be counted twice if there was evidence of two separate cases of abuse found.

The rate is per 1,000 population ages 0-17 for the defined race group. 

The defined populations by race are not available for Detroit and Flint. Populations for children of two or more races are also not available. Rates for Detroit, Flint, and children of two or more races are listed as "NA."

Data Source

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Children's Protective Services.


Rates are suppressed with an "S"  if the count of child victims is fewer than 6 for statistical reliability purposes.

2017 data for "two or more races" were revised on 4/19/2019.

Last Updated

May 2023