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High School graduation rates by race and ethnicity in Maine

High School graduation rates by race and ethnicity

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Why This Indicator Matters

All youth deserve to have access to a quality education. Historically, there have been racial disparities in graduation rates due to many factors, including structural inequality, systemic racism and implicit bias.  Students who graduate from high school have higher wages, lower unemployment and are less likely to need public assistance than those who do not graduate. Their long-term physical and mental health is also better if they graduate from high school.

What the data shows

The 2021 Maine high school graduation rates within 4 years declined from 87.4% to 86.1%, the lowest rate since 2016. In 2022, the state rate was identical. However, in 2022, The Black/African American student rate improved from 75.9% to 81.2%. Students of two or more races also improved from 81.7% to 84.4%.

Comparing Maine to the nation, the latest data is 2019. For the United States, the 2019 rate of graduation was 74.3% for Native American, 79.6% for Black/African American, 81.7% for Hispanic, 89.4% for White, and 92.6% for Asian students. Maine's high school graduation rate in 2019 was higher for Asian at 94.1%, for Native American at 78.5%, and Hispanic at 82.3% and slightly lower for Non-Hispanic white students at 87.9%, and Black/African American at 80.3%. 

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Definition and Source



The percent of youth who graduate in 4 years from public schools and 60% publicly funded private schools.  Race & ethnicity is self reported at each high school and is compiled at the state level.
The numerator is the number of students of a particular race who graduated from high school in 4 years and the denominator is the number of students who  started high school 4 years earlier.


This data looks at a cohort of students who began ninth grade 4 years prior to see if they graduated within 4 years. Some students graduate in 5 years and 6 years and this is still a good outcome, but this is not included in the measure. For example, in 2021, 73.1% of American Indian students graduated in 4 years, but 82.4% graduated in 6 years. For Black students in 2021, 75.9% graduated in 4 years, but 87.6% in 5-years.

Updated February 2023.

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February 2023