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Marijuana use among high school students in Alaska

Marijuana use among high school students

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Definition and Source



Percentage of students who had used marijuana one or more times during the past 30 days.  

Statewide prevalence of marijuana use in the past month among Alaska traditional high school students. This includes students in public traditional high schools with enrollments of at least 10 students (excluding boarding, correspondence, home study, alternative, and correctional schools). The statewide traditional high school results are weighted by grade, sex, and race/ethnicity.
Regional prevalence (by Alaska Public Health Region) of marijuana use in the past month among high school students. This includes students in public traditional, alternative, and correctional high schools (excluding boarding, correspondence, and home study schools).  Local results from participating school districts contain both weighted and unweighted data.
**In 2019, regional results based on YRBS data were no longer released due to inconsistent survey participation from all Alaska school districts. We currently report district-level results for participating school districts in years when the sample size requirements are met and results can be weighted. For questions about school districts not included here, please check the most recent Alaska YRBS results.

Data Source

Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) for 20072019, Alaska Department of Health
**The 2021 Alaska Youth Risk Behavior Survey was canceled due to the unprecedented challenges Alaska school districts and schools are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The next Alaska YRBS is scheduled for the 20222023 school year.


NA: Not Available; S: Suppressed data 

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