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Screen time for 3-year-old yesterday in Alaska

Screen time for 3-year-old yesterday

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Definition and Source



The percent of parents who reported minutes and hours their 3-year-old child spent watching television shows, videos, movies, or playing video games on the previous day.  Included time on a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Data Source

Alaska Childhood Understanding Behaviors Survey (CUBS) for 2012-2021, Alaska Division of Public Health's Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Unit.

More data on this topic can be found using the Childhood Understanding Behaviors Survey Data Visualization Tool Version 1.5.2: Alaska Department of Health, Division of Public Health, Section of Women's, Children's, and Family Health; accessed on: 2022-12-27.


The percentages reported above have been produced by weighting the survey results so that estimates better represent the Alaska population.

Last Updated

March 2023