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Cases petitioned (charges filed) 2015 (ages 10-17) in Nevada

Cases petitioned (charges filed) 2015 (ages 10-17)

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“Formally charged (petitioned) delinquency cases are those that appear on a court calendar in response to the filing of a petition, complaint, or other legal instrument requesting the court to adjudicate a youth as a delinquent or status offender, or to waive jurisdiction and transfer a youth to criminal court.  Petitioning occurs when a juvenile court intake officer, prosecutor, or other official determines that a case should be handled formally. In contrast informal handling is voluntary and does not include the filing of charges.”

Data Source

Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Child Family Services, Juvenile Justice Programs Office.


Data for 2015 includes only students age 10 through 17.
Updated February 2017.

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February 2017