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Children absent more than 15 days from school in Georgia

Children absent more than 15 days from school

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Definition and Source



Numerator: Number of students who are absent more than 15 days from school. Denominator: Number of students. Rate calculation: 100 times the numerator divided by the denominator.

Data Source

Office of Student Achievement Report Card and Georgia Department of Education. 


The year listed is the second half of the school year; for example, 2016 refers to the 2015-2016 school year. Data for all school systems are now listed separately. For counties with one school system, the data have not changed. For counties with more than one school system, search for each “School District” in the county. For data by specific schools, go to N.A.: Data Not Available, S: Data Suppressed indicates that there were 4 or fewer events on which rates would be based.


Last Updated

December 2023