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Child care facilities in Alabama

Child care facilities

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Why This Indicator Matters

Alabama's child care system is not fully regulated. Exemptions for faith-based child care centers who receive no state or federal dollars are still allowed. Because of this exemption, some children may be at risk while in the care of others.
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Definition and Source



The number of licensed or exempt childcare facilities located within a specified county as of April, 2022.

Licensed facilities are those that are licensed by the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR). This indicator encompasses family child care homes (serving six children or less), group child care homes (serving 7-12 children), and licensed child care centers (serving more than 12 children). Exempt child care centers are faith-based programs/schools that have submitted required documents to DHR and have received a letter of exemption. Homes where children are cared for by relatives or friends, as well as those that operate as businesses, but are not licensed by DHR, are not included in these numbers.

Data Source

Special tabulations provided by the Alabama Department of Human Resources, Child Care Services Division.


Last Updated

January 2023