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Child population birth to age 19 by bridged race in Alaska

Child population birth to age 19 by bridged race

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Definition and Source



The racial composition of children ages 19 and under in each Alaska Public Health Region by four bridged race categories: American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Black/African American, and White.

Data Source

Bridged race estimates produced by US Census Bureau in collaboration with the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS).
Note: NCHS will cease releasing bridged-race population estimates after release of the bridged-race intercensal population estimates for July 1, 2010-July 2019. With the release of the intercensal population estimates, the series will be discontinued.


The majority of children in the category "American Indian or Alaska Native" are Alaska Native.  Approximately 0.5% of Alaska's population are American Indian.

Last Updated

May 2022