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Low birth-weight babies in Michigan

Low birth-weight babies

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Why This Indicator Matters

Infants born with low birthweight (less than 5 lbs., 8oz.) are at higher risk for physical and developmental delays that hinder growth, school readiness and long-term health outcomes.
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Definition and Source



The three-year average number of babies who weigh less than 2,500 grams (approximately 5 lb. 8 oz.) at birth. A percent with "S" indicates fewer than an average of two occurrences over the three-year period. Percents are suppressed to maintain reliability.

Data Source

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics. 


These data are based on three-year averages, with the latest year listed. Births by county and city are based on the mother’s residence.

County data and data for the cities of Detroit and Flint were corrected for 2008-2015 on 2/27/2019.

City data were revised for 2008-15 on 3/27/2019.

Last Updated

January 2023