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Children in poverty in Louisiana

Children in poverty

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Definition and Source



Number - estimated population under 18 in households with incomes less than the federal poverty threshold.
Percent -  estimated population under 18 in households with incomes less than the federal poverty threshold per 100 children below age 18.

Data Source

U.S. Census Bureau, Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates Program (SAIPE).


The federal poverty definition consists of a series of thresholds based on family size and composition. In 2022, the poverty threshold for a family of two adults and two children was $29,678. Poverty status is not determined for people in military barracks, institutional quarters, or for unrelated individuals under age 15 (such as foster children).

Please use caution in interpreting poverty trends from year to year, as the methodology and data sources used to produce poverty estimates changed significantly, beginning with the release of the 2005 poverty estimates.

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December 2023