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Pre-kindergarten enrollment in public schools in Louisiana

Pre-kindergarten enrollment in public schools

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Definition and Source



Children enrolled in pre-kindergarten programs in public schools.

This count includes children enrolled in special education preschool, as well as children enrolled in general education pre-kindergarten.

Data Source

Agenda for Children's analysis of data provided by the Louisiana Department of Education.


Louisiana operates several different preschool programs through the public school system, including LA4 and programs funded through 8(g) grants and Title I funds. Some parishes also offer Head Start programs in public schools.

For parish-level data, data for Recovery School District schools, charter schools, lab schools and city districts are reflected in the parish-level data of the parish in which the school is located. Data for Louisiana School for the Deaf and Louisiana Special Education Center are not included in parish-level data, but are reflected in the statewide totals.

Data reflect October 1 total enrollment counts, except for SY 2005 data, which reflect February 2006 counts.

Last Updated

December 2023