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Non-fatal injuries of children due to non-traffic motor vehicle accidents by age groups in South Carolina

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Definition and Source



Number of all non-fatal injuries counted as South Carolina inpatient and Emergency Department discharges for non-traffic motor vehicle accidents.

Data Source

Inpatient and Emergency Department data (S.C. Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office - Health and Demographics Section).


  • Data elements up to and including Quarter 3 of 2015 use ICD-9-CM external cause codes in the range E820-E825.
  • Data elements beginning with Quarter 4 of 2015 use ICD-9-CM external cause codes defined in the CDC's external cause of injury matrix for ICD-10-CM: Cases in which the injury was considered to be of unintentional intent and had an external cause code with a seventh digit of “A” were used for the purposes of this report, indicating an initial encounter for that particular injury. For more information, please see the “Unintentional” tab of the CDC’s proposed External Cause of Injury Code Matrix in the file “FINAL 2019 ICD-10-CM_Non-Poisoning_Cause_Matrix  ALL codes 123019.xlsx” at:

 S=Indicates suppressed data (less than 10 cases). 

Last updated Feb 2023.

Last Updated

February 2023