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Reason for removal from home into foster care: 2003-2009 in Virginia

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Virginia Department of Social Services


Please note that these categories are not mutually exclusive.  When a child is removed from the home and placed in foster care, local departments of social services may indicate numerous reasons for the removal.  For example, a parent's own alcohol abuse as well as physical abuse of the child may have contributed to the need for intervention.  Because these categories are not mutually exclusive, we do not calculate or use percents.  It is encouraged that consumers use caution when interpreting these data.

Locality-level data for this indicator are available but are not posted because of the potential for misinterpretation.  If you would like to obtain data for your locality, please use the contact information on the right sidebar to contact the KIDS COUNT Director at Voices for Virginia's Children.

Last updated: May 2011

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July 2011