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Fall PALS-K before 2015/16 in Virginia

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PALS-K is a measure of children’s knowledge of several important literacy fundamentals: phonological awareness, alphabet recognition, concept of word, knowledge of letter sounds and spelling. PALS-K provides a direct means of matching literacy instruction to specific literacy needs and provides a means of identifying those children who are relatively behind in their acquisition of these fundamental literacy skills.

The data are PALS-K administered in the fall. The fall PALS-K helps to measure children's literacy concepts before they enter school.

Data Source

Virginia Department of Education via UVA Curry School


NA - data not available for that locality in the given year or Bedford County data include Bedford City; Greensville County data include Emporia City; Williamsburg City data include James City County.

* indicates that data was suppressed when there are less than 10 students for FERPA privacy.

The "Numbers" were not collected before 2009.

Last Updated: January 2018

Last Updated

October 2018