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Percent of children age birth to 13 with all parents working that can be served by licensed child care capacity in North Dakota

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Definition and Source



Percent of children ages 0-13 with all parents working that can be served by the licensed child care capacity. 

Only licensed facilities are included in the percentage. Licensed school age programs are included, which is why the age ranges 0-13.

Not all children ages 0-13 with all parents working will need child care, so this percentage is not expected to be 100%. However, this measure provides an estimate for how many children with working parents could be served by the licensed capacity.

The denominator for each percentage is the number of children ages 0 to 13 where all parents in the household are in the labor force (i.e., child care demand) in respective geographic areas.

Data Source

Child care data (numerator): North Dakota Department of Human Services
Children with all parents working (denominator): U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 5-year estimates, Table B23008


UPDATED - April 2022
DATE - Child care capacity data matches data for February 1 of reference year. Population estimates are for the vintage year two years prior. Census data for percent of all parents working matches the five-year ACS estimates from two years prior. Example: 2020 data matches Feb. 2020 child care capacity, population estimates from 2018, and Census estimates from 2014-2018.

Last Updated

April 2022