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Average cost per meal in South Dakota

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Definition and Source



Average cost per meal by county as reported by the Map the Meal Gap.

The average weekly dollar amount food-secure individuals report spending on food, as estimated in the Current Population Survey, divided by 21 (assuming three meals a day, seven days a week).

Each year of data represents a standalone snapshot of food insecurity in each state and county and caution should be used before comparing percentages year-by-year. Data starting in 2011 had a slightly altered methodology and should not be directly compared to prior years. Data methodology was altered again in 2018, making data not directly comparable to prior years.

Data Source

Gundersen, C., Strayer, M., Dewey, A., Hake, M., & Engelhard, E. (2022). Map the Meal Gap 2022: An Analysis of County and Congressional District Food Insecurity and County Food Cost in the United States in 2020.


Last Updated

June 2023