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Children ages 1 to 2 on Medicaid with elevated blood lead, confirmed by venous in Michigan

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Definition and Source



The number of Medicaid children ages 1 to 2, confirmed to have a blood lead level of greater than or equal to five micrograms per deciliter (≥5ug/dl). A venous test is used to confirm an elevated blood lead level.

The percent is based on the number of Medicaid children ages 1 to 2 tested for lead.

Data Source

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program


Data for 2014-2018 were revised on 9/24/2019. Due to this change, data for 2014-2018 should not be compared to prior years.

Department policy requires all counts between 1 and 5 to be suppressed. Percents are suppressed if there were fewer than 6 children for statistical reliability purposes.

NA: Not Available; S: Data Suppressed.

Last Updated

August 2023