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Mothers who reported smoking during pregnancy (1990-2006) in Indiana

Mothers who reported smoking during pregnancy (1990-2006)

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Definition and Source



The percentage of women who reported they had smoked during pregnancy. Due to a change in data collection in 2007, cross-time comparison between the two "series" of data is discouraged.

Data Source

The Indiana State Department of Health, Epidemiology Resource Center, Data Analysis Team.

Original natality reports available at


Cross-time comparison of this indicator between the two time series is discouraged. Indiana used the "1989 Standard Birth Certificate" from 1990 to 2006. Indiana started using the “2003” Revised Birth Certificate on January. 1, 2007.

Before 2007, the question asked "Did mother smoke during pregnancy?"  Depending on the response, the facility would check one of the following boxes: Yes, No, or Unknown.

Beginning in 2007, more detailed information was collected such as: the average number of cigarettes/or packs that were smoked during the three months prior to becoming pregnant, the first three months of pregnancy, the second three months of pregnancy, and the last trimester of pregnancy.  If the mother smoked at any time during her pregnancy, she was considered to be a smoker for this indicator.

For more info, please see the Preface of any Natality report released by the Indiana State Department of Health:

Data is for Calendar Year.

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